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Photoshoot of a Model

About us

Celebrating the Beauty & Fashion Industry collaboration in a virtual exhibitory event. Taking advantage to connect and be inspired by like minded professionals.

This season, the Australian beauty industry's largest platform for showcasing value, taleant, innovation, and creativity will return with a series of events celebrating beauty in all its forms with an initial virtual prelaunch event. 

Melbourne Australia, the world-class Arts & beauty destination that will host the inaugural Australian  Beauty Week, will organise the event in collaboration with the Australian International Beauty Council. 

The event, which will take place over five days, will provide unique possibilities for some of the most well-known beauty brands to reach out to new, beauty-obsessed consumers and form new connections.

The event will identify the current beauty trends and provide a playground of beauty that is focused on the future. The event's theme, 'Beauty Re-sustain innovation,' will be carried throughout, encouraging attendees to investigate, explore, and play while allowing major industry players to ponder, discuss, debate, and illustrate the future of beauty.

"In these exceptional times, it has never been more vital to highlight the value and resilience of the hair, beauty, and wellness business," said Aniya Thuntishar Piwatpatsharaguin, Foundner & CEO of the Australian Beauty Week. We can magnify our messaging in new, creative, and effective way, shining an even brighter light on the world of Australian beauty and beyond national to international waters for both consumers and industry professionals."

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